What is OnMap?
OnMap is a simple way to spot a location on a map. It is simple to generate and use. You can generate the location tag at OnMap.in. You can append the tag generated to "onmap.in/" and that becomes the link to your location on Google Map.
How can I use OnMap?
If you are an individual or a business with a need to share your address, create a tag for your locations on OnMap. Share your address as OnMap.in/. You can print this on your communication or just say it out. It is that simple. You can create tags for multiple locations and update them when you move from one location to the other.
What are the benefits of OnMap?
A Short URL represents your address. It is easy to communicate. OnMap uses native google map to show the location making it easy to leverage the features of Google Maps or the Google Maps App. Getting a Tag is free and you can use it for free.